iOS Managers – Manage iPad, iPhone and iPod from PC

by on January 9th, 2014

Freedom is what every user wants for their favorite devices. We have AirDroid for the Android that makes it easy to manage Android device over wifi. For iOS we have few tools that can be used to manage all data including apps, music, videos, ebooks, system files on iPad, iPod or iPhone. You just plug the device in the Windows PC or MAC PC via USB and it will reveal all the stuff that it has and you can just drag and drop files from PC to device or from device to PC or import, export stuff between PC and iOS device easily. These tools may need iTunes installed in your PC but iTunes is not required to manage the device and its data. Its total freedom for the ‘Apple Nerd’ inside you.


Manage iDevice (iPhone, iPod, iPad) data just like external drive’s data. iTools is a free software for Windows and MAC that allows you to transfer photos, contacts, music, videos, iBooks, apps, files from PC to Apple devices and from Apple devices to PC in a simple way of drag and drop. Its easy to take backup of anything from Apple device. You can install apps from PC to iDevice. You can import, export apps, music, videos, iBooks and more easily.

This amazing tool is small and portable. You do not need to install it. On front screen it displays Apple device information (type, storage capacity, jailbreak status, device region, device warranty status, iOS version, and how much space has been used for several kind of data).


  • Drag and drop files, photos, videos, music, iBooks, e-Books and apps
  • No need of iTunes to manage your Apple device
  • Install or update apps
  • Install apps by IPA files
  • Take data backups, restore backups
  • Create and manage playlists
  • Auto convert music video (while transferring) into compatible format to play on Apple device
  • Handy system tools and controls
  • Access file system and raw storage easily
  • By accessing system files, you can do a lot with the apps, games and iOS. For example you can unlock game levels that are locked or you can reset password of your Apple device.

Download iTools

Download iTools for Windows PC
Download iTools for MAC PC


iFunBox is a software for MAC and Windows PC to manage data on Apple devices (iPhone, iPad, iPod) just like you do in Windows explorer. You can copy files, apps, music, ring tones, videos and more from PC to apple device and from Apple device to PC. You can install apps (ipa files) from PC to mobile device. iFunBox makes iPhone or iPad just like an external disk drive. You can even reset password for your iPhone or iPad, if you have forgotten it. Apple device and its system files are secure but you can still access these system files by using iFunBox.


  • Copy (export/import) files, apps, music, videos from PC to Apple device and device to PC
  • install apps by using ipa files from PC
  • ipa, music, videos, ibooks backups
  • Use Apple device as an external storage by copying files in ‘file storage’
  • Portable software, no need to install
  • Reset iPhone, iPad or iPod password
  • Change carrier logo on your iPhone
  • Unlock locked levels of games.

Download iFunBox

Download for Windows PC or MAC
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