You Can Still Invite Friends to Gmail – How Many Invitations You Have Got?

by on February 11th, 2011

invite-friend-gmailTo increase popularity and demand you can limit the product to certain people. Make it invitation based. Give it to less people. Limit the supply. Get the people talk about it. They will want the product that is good yet limited. Google played that trick when they launched Gmail. They gave Gmail to very few people and kept the program invitation based only while it was in beta.

Different people received different number of invitation limit. Many received 100 invitations. That time Gmail was really HOT. I got me invited by a friend and got Gmail. That was few years back. Recently I saw there is still that option of invite friend to Gmail or give Gmail to a friend. I have got 60 invitations left yet. Got surprised to see that anyways. How much invitations have you got?

One Review

  1. mizdoc says:

    Why? You no longer need an invitation…gmail is available for anyone nowadays.
    I, too, got in on the “ground floor” thru an inviation, and it has been my primary email every since.