Internet Explorer Bugs

by on October 30th, 2007

Internet Explorer has evolved but for developers, they have to still check cross browser compatibility whenever they create a website. Internet explorer gives a tough time among all. Internet explorer has got some funny bugs interesting to read.

IE Won’t Allow document.createElement(‘style’)

If you try to add style declarations in the head of a document, IE breaks at the name ‘style’ -“unexpected call to method or property access”. I guess its getting confused between the head element < s t y l e> and the object property .style?

Test page

Explorer z-index Bug

In Internet Explorer positioned elements generate a new stacking context, starting with a z-index value of 0. Therefore z-index doesn’t work correctly.

Test page

Stretched Buttons Bug

If an input is given a type “button” or “submit” and the value used to apply text to the button is over 18 characters long, the button is shown stretched horizontally. The top and bottom border is also thicker. The effect increases with the length of the button text used.

Test page

Changing The Type Of An Input Field

Setting the type attribute of an input element to button via setAttribute(‘type’, ‘button’) does not work in Internet Explorer 6 or Opera 8.51. The bug is fixed in Opera 9 technology preview 1.

Test page

IE6 Un-Caches CSS Backgrounds On Launching New Window

I have a JS based rollover that animates the position of a DIV’s tiled background image. In IE6, after a new window is opened, via t a r g e t = " _ b l a n k " or through w i n d o w . o p e n ( ) when you go back to that page, it flashes and reloads the images upon mouseover.

Test page

Font-Variant: Small-Caps And Text-Transform

When you use font-variant: small-caps, Explorer ignores text-transform: uppercase || lowercase.

Test page

Mouseover On Anchor And Return Value

An event handler for onmouseover an anchor should not show the URL in the status bar when you return false, and it should when you return true, but actually it does exactly the opposite.

Test page

Letter-Spacing And Floated Labels/Inputs

If you have letter-spacing set and create more than one label/input sets and seperate them with line break, IE will remove every other set.

Test page

And many others …

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