Internet Explorer 8 Incompatibility Record List

by on February 20th, 2009


To improve Web user’s compatibility experience, Microsoft added a new, user-selectable Compatibility List to the Release Candidate test version of IE 8 that the company released in January. Microsoft describes the list, Version 1.0 of which includes 2,400 sites that don’t render properly in IE 8 (in other words, an “incompatibility list”) as a tool designed to “make sure IE8 customers have a great experience with highly trafficked sites that have not yet fully accommodated IE8’s better implementation of web standards.” Here is the current list of sites that will display automatically in non-standards mode if/when an IE 8 user decides to download and install the Compatibility View list.

I will mention some of those major websites which are incompatible.
and more…

See full list here

Microsoft’s IE 8 incompatibility list: 2,400 major sites (and counting)

Err! I think I will just go for Firefox…


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  1. Joshua Issac says:

    Microsoft’s web site is on the list?! This is why I hate MS’s attempts at standards compatibility – all it does is break the web (normal users don’t care about standards).

  2. Sami says:

    That’s ridiculous. How is it possible for an upgrade release to be faulty?