Update iOS to Latest iOS 6 Version on iPhone, iPod and iPad

by on October 1st, 2012

Recently Apple released its latest operating system iOS 6 for iDevices that brings 200 new features and few enhancements to the overall iOS experience on iDevice. iOS 6 comes with latest iPhone 5. Now iOS 6 can even be installed on iPhone 3GS, then why wait? Why not update iOS and get the taste of latest iOS 6 goodies. Let us guide you for taking backup of your iDevice and updating it to the latest iOS 6 version and then restoring backup without losing data.

Note: Yet no complete jailbreak is available for iOS 6. Redsn0w is offering jailbreak and Cydia install but after rebooting the device, Safari will crash and Game Center won’t let you play any unofficial games on iPhone so hold on for jailbreak and wait until the final jailbreak update arrives. Till then however, you can keep your data backup (unofficial games and apps) and update iOS to latest iOS 6. Restore music and contacts right away.

Requirement: You will need your iDevice, internet connection and the latest iTunes 10.7.

Taking iDevice Backup

You can use iTunes but iTunes won’t let you have complete backup in case of unofficial apps in iDevice. So alternatively you can use CopyTrans (paid) or iTools (free) or iFunBox (free). Take backup of contacts, photos, apps, music. Use export function.

Update iOS via iTunes Restore

  • Install the latest iTunes in PC
  • Connect the iPhone or iDevice with PC
  • After few seconds, iTunes will show your iDevice
  • Click at your iDevice in the left panel of iTunes
  • Simply hit restore button and wait until iTunes downloads and restores iOS 6 to your device
  • That’s it

But that above method consumes time. Ulternatively you can download the iOS 6 firmware separately and give iTunes that file to work with.

Over the Air

If you’re using iOS 5, the Over-The-Air option found under Settings > General > Software Update on your iOS device, will update your iOS to the latest iOS 6 over wifi.

Update iOS via Pre-Downloaded ipsw File and iTunes Restore

  • Download latest iOS 6 relevant to your iDevice from here
  • Start latest iTunes
  • Plug in your iDevice into PC via USB amd wait for it to appear in iTunes
  • From left side selection panel of iTunes, select your iDevice
  • Hold down shift key on keyboard and hit restore
  • It will ask for downloaded ipsw file for iOS 6 relevant to your iDevice
  • Browse and select downloaded ipsw file and hit ok
  • Process will start and iTunes will update iOS to latest iOS 6

The difference between both is only convenience of online and offline install/update, although iTunes needs internet connection to verify firmware and to contact Apple servers. In online case you restore the iDevice directly from iTunes and Apple servers while in offline restore, you already download the ipsw file and give it to iTunes. This method is faster.

Now that you have updated your iPhone (iDevice) firmware to iOS 6, you will restore iDevice data.

Restore Backup

Use iTools or iFunBox to restore back photos, music and apps. Don’t restore back apps yet until final jailbreak for iOS arrives. You can restore back contacts and music to iDevice using iTunes as well. iTools and iFunBox will come in handy to manage apps. Use import function in case you are using iTools or iFunBox and import contacts, photos and apps.

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