Infolinks VS Kontera VS Clicksor Advertising Networks

by on December 14th, 2009

I have been experimenting with the Ads networks a lot. AdSense pays more than any other advertisement network available and that’s for sure. What if you want to try any other ads network? You might like some extra money which you can earn via work at home with only increasing another income stream to your blog / website / forum. Google AdSense has strict policies. This network rejects publishers a lot and ban as well. They do not give you ads as soon as you create a website. If you create a blog then AdSense approval chances are high. If you are ready to try other income streams for your blog then here is a comparison between Infolinks, Kontera and Clicksor which are also text link based ads networks.

I have been using Kontera and it showed me clicks alright but no considerable earnings at all. Clicksor is being used at many blogs and some publishers are satisfied with it performance but a lot of publishers are unhappy about it. While many other publishers use and prefer Infolinks ads Network. Many I have seen had been using Clicksor but switched to Infolinks. Infolinks performance has been good for a lot of publishers. See the images and comparison below.

ClickSor Earnings


Kontera and Infolinks Earnings


Infolinks has been better as comparen to Kontera and Clicksor. Ads Earning also greatly depends on how you have optimized your ads, ads placement and website.

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