Increase Volume and Manage Sound Quality on Android

by on June 9th, 2013

Volume control and audio management on Android smart phones need enhancement. Luckily we have got apps to boost Android volume, manage sounds, equalizer controls to boost and enhance device volume and sound quality for Android to enjoy music more and listen phone calls in clear quality. For music you need an equalizer with presets, bass boost, virtualizer effects and for phone calls you need vocal quality clear sound. If you are not satisfied with the volume and sound quality of your Android smartphone, use these apps to enhance volume and quality of sound for your Android powered smart phone.

Volume Manager Free

Use volume manager for Android basic volume control and audio management. This Android app provides volume control for the ringer, notification, media, alarm, system and in-call volume streams. Specify which streams should be muted when the device is in silent mode. Enable alarms while device is in silent mode. Create and apply volume profiles for different situations and more.

volume manager free for Android

Download Volume Manager Free for Android

Audio Customizer

Control Android volume and manage ringtones on your smartphone. Select song from memory or record your own to set is as ringtone, notification or alarm sound. Customize your volume of different streams. Show volume app in status bar. Create and apply profiles and add profiles shortcuts on home screen. Schedule Volume/Ringtone Profiles. Lock volume from undesired change. Unlink Ringer and Notification volume for ICS and JB.

audio customizer for Android

Download Audio Customizer for Android

Volume Control +

Beautiful Android app to control device volume that supports multiple colored widgets in different styles (volume dial, buttons, seek bars, ). Adjust volume for media, ring, notifications, In-call, alarm, and system volume. Lock volume settings.

volume control plus android

Download Volume Control + for Android

Bass Booster

If you are a music lover, you are going to enjoy your songs collection more, with this app. It allows you to boost your device volume by +10 dB. Get the best sound quality from small or cheap audio devices. It includes bass booster, 6 bands equalizer, 20 Presets (More Basses, Improve quality, Electro, Techno, Dubstep, Dance, Pop, Rock, Metal, Reggae, Rap, R&B, Hip-Hop, Jazz, Latino, Acoustic, Classical, Party, Voice Booster, Volume Booster). This is the best booster app that we have experienced for Android.

Bass booster for Android

Download Bass Booster for Android

Music Volume EQ

Music Volume EQ is a volume slider with live music stereo led VU meter and five band Equalizer with Bass Boost and Virtualizer effects. Improve sound quality on your Android device and get live audio readings of your current music volume level. It works with Android Music Player, Winamp, Google Music, MixZing, Poweramp and other most Android music players. Features include media volume control, five band equalizer, bass boost effect, virtualizer effect, 9 equalizer presets, save custom presets, stereo led VU meter, home screen widget, lock media volume and more.

music volume equalizer for android

Download Music Volume EQ for Android

Speaker Booster Free

For many, this app seems to prove best sound improvement app. If you feel that you have weak speaker of your smart phone, then use this app and your smart device will play music and sounds louder and better. Speaker Booster gives you increase in your volume and sound quality for your Android phone speakers. You can get increase by about 10-20% (varies with devices). You can use it to boost your headphone volume as well. This app will also install Search icon, bookmark link and browser homepage in your smart phone. You can choose to delete these later.

volume booster for android

Download Speaker Booster Free for Android

Volume Ace Free

Volume Ace is another great volume control app for Android that is beautiful designed. Use it to fast and easily manage your device volume levels. You can create profiles and switch or select them straight from the 8 widgets or schedule events to change your volume settings automatically.

volume ace for android

volume ace for androidvolume ace for android

Download Volume Ace Free

Also check out Smart Volume Control

Equalizer, Speaker Boost, Music Equalizer and more Volume Boosters for Android.

Caution: Smart devices are set to deliver sound quality that is good for your ears and the audio device plugged to it. You can use above apps to customize volume but we recommend that you do not listen at full volume for too long.

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