Increase iOS 4.3 Battery Life For iPhone, iPad After Upgrade

by on March 20th, 2011

iphone low battery solution

After upgrading to iOS 4.3 you will encounter iPhone low battery issue. By upgrading iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad and iPad 2 to the latest iOS4.3 will start draining your battery fast. This is not a bug and because of additional features which will consume more battery power. Here are few solutions to solve low battery issue problem in iPhone, iPod and Ipad.

Factory Restore Option

Factory restore device. This will restore the operating system back to the original version. In other words downgrade iOS.

Turn Off Unnecessary Services

If the factory restore fails do this:

Go to Settings/Mail, Contacts, Calendar
Tap on the Exchange account name
Turn off the 3 switches
Reboot device
Turn 3 switches back on

If you are not using these services, switching these off is a better option.

Disable Ping Function

Disable the new Ping function which runs in the background. To do that follow instructions below. Ping is a service where it ‘pings’ a server via wifi or 3G every few minutes for new emails and updates. It drains battery and data a lot. It has been reported that by disabling new Ping feature, battery life will sure to increase.

Go into Settings > General > Restrictions > Turn Off Ping