Increase Available Disk Space In Windows XP And Vista

by on April 3rd, 2008

If you are not an expert user of Windows or geek then you are not using all of the space of your hard disk drive. Here is a tip relating to how you can increase disk space in Windows XP and Windows Vista to save yourself from buying a new hard disk drive of more capacity.

Increase Disk Space Under Vista Operating System

One of the improvements that Microsoft has improved upon over the other Windows releases are Vista’s backup features that are incorporated in to System Restore. The backup features are turned on by default so with all of the automatic backing up Vista does, it won’t take long to lose quite a bit of disk space. It may not be a bad idea to go in and delete the old backup files and restore points to increase your available disk space. Vista makes this task a very simple one. here’s how:

  • Go to Start
  • In the Instant Search text box, type: disk cleanup
  • Open the disk cleanup tool and select the option titled: Files from all users on this computer
  • Select the drive that you would like to cleanup.
  • Select the “More Options” tab.
  • Click the option titled: Clean Up under System Restore and Shadow Copies
  • In the confirmation screen, click “Delete”.
Increase Disk Space While Using Windows XP
  • Clean system memory
  • Clean system temporary internet files, cookies, and history
  • Press Window+R or simply Click at Start -> Run
    Write cleanmgr in the run and hit enter
    A dialogue box will open asking which drive you want to clean up.
    Select C drive and press Ok.
    Disk Clean Up will be opened. Select tasks and click ok.
    This will clean temp files from PC.
  • There are special hidden folders in your every drive; Recycled and System Volume Information
    These folders contain temp files. Remove these files.
  • Windows folder contains temp folder containing temporary files.

You may inspect all above locations and processes to remove unnecessary old files from your computer and increase disk space.

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