Increase AdSense Earnings Instantly by Readjusting Allowed Sites

by on September 27th, 2009


Sometimes security measures cost. If you want security then you might want to sacrifice something. You can secure or protect AdSense account by using allowed sites option in AdSense but then you might be missing some really potential clicks and earnings everyday or even every minute. By using that option in AdSense you allow ads to be effective for your website and your website only. Do you know that there are other potential websites which are accessing your website’s best content too and if ads appear under their influence, you might not get the credit at all unless you have added them in allowed zone or you use allow all sites. These websites access your best content which has potential for maximum earnings. What this means is, your best content is not performing well in case of earnings due to the restriction you made to your AdSense account. There is a simple solution for this one.

Go to AdSense Setup -> Allowed Sites in your AdSense account.
For example, add some of the following websites there too (along with your own websites):

Got any clue, why?

When you will add these website there, you will get credit from the traffic which these sites are bringing to your best content.


You or your readers are digging, stumbling and twittering your best content for sure. Have you ever noticed when you reach to any website via Digg or StumbleUpon you see a bar (DiggBar, StumbleBar) at the top of the page? Users who are coming to your best content are coming from Digg, StumbleUpon, Google or any other social media.

What do you think? A user who came from Digg or StumbleUpon is actually landing at your site or he is just viewing your site via these websites?

You see the top DiggBar or StumbleBar there above your content, right? I think I made it pretty clear.

If you add these websites to your allowed sites zone, then you will make sure that when any Stumbler, Googler or Digger comes to your site and clicks at ads then you get the credit and the ads which are being displayed at your site which is pulled by Digg or StumbleUpon remian effective.

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