Important Announcement About TechMynd

by on September 3rd, 2009

TechMynd is unique. TechMynd does not share its name or logo with any other blog or website. Currently I came across a fake blog at blogger which was using TechMynd in its URL. That blog is being given notice to take down because it tried to steal TechMynd’s identity.

Fake blog:


The Thief:


Look at the blog at blogger, black screenshot above. That is a fake blog with no identity, no contact form no where abouts. That is recently started by someone else and that has stolen name from is not associated to that blog in anyway. I got the thief by his Twitter account that is also in the screenshot above. It is to notify TechMynd’s users that we are not at yet and that fake blog is being given a DMCA notice to shut down. Furthermore I am also pursuing to disable his AdSense account if he does not respond asap.