Importance of Network Monitoring

by on December 13th, 2009

While importance of intrusion detection from network traffic from an outside source is very important, there is also a need for network monitoring for companies within their private corporate networks. Network monitoring software can send alerts when the network goes down or becomes unavailable from hardware failure. The software can send alerts to key personnel administrators to their pager, email, or cell phone. Good network monitoring software continues to send status messages and traffic to efficiently keep track of any outages on the network. Network monitoring watches hardware such as router or network servers for responses. Depending on the software, it can send response requests every minute up to every hour. It can also detect outages in certain software such as web server or email applications. The software can send an HTTP request to monitor a web server, or it can send an SMTP message to an email server. If there is no reply from the respective software or server, the network monitoring software interprets it as an outage and promptly alerts a network administrator.

The importance of up time for a network has increased with the reliance on technology and work computers. Even a small business can lose thousands of revenue dollars by the hour as their network stays down. This increase of lost revenue gives value to a good network monitoring software. Even after hours, network monitoring software can make sure your network administrator staff is quickly alerted so that solutions can be expedited to lower lost revenue during unexpected down time.

Network monitoring can also give vital statistics to businesses to evaluate down time. The statistics can help network administrators analyze issues on the network to better prepare for future outages. Other statistics can give a percentage of up time versus down time to evaluate profit and loss for businesses that rely heavily on network availability. Whether you have a small business or a large corporate LAN, your network up time can improve immensely from a strategically implemented network monitoring software.