iMatrixed Photo – New Facebook Application

by on November 18th, 2008

iMatrix is a new FaceBook Application which converts any image into a cool Matrixed Text. You can use that text based image anywhere, lets say in email signatures or in website. For example we convert following image into iMatrixed Text:

Origional Image

iMatrixed Image drawn with characters:

And now look at the following Matrixed Text based image. Below image is not a graphic but is actually generated by characters and letters actually.

Let me show you screenshot of coding behind:

You can add this application via following URL:

You must be logged in into your Face book account to bookmark this application. Once you go to that URL, it asks you to bookmark via a little icon at the bottom of page.

Bookmark it and let the show begin. Send your friends text versions of any image you want.

2 Reviews

  1. rono says:

    How do i convert my image.

  2. MORRIS says:

    wow that is a cool application. You have my vote on this.