Illuminated Disco Chair

by on July 4th, 2010

disco chair

This is the future electrical chair for death penalty prisoners if anyone wants to die in style. No! I am kidding. Seriously. But this chair is illuminated kind of disco chair. I mean you can sit on it and it glows when powered, into a neon rainbow colors. Its dangerous.

disco chair

The Disco Chair is a bespoke illuminated furniture concept. Constructed from 200 linear metres of Electroluminescent wire, the chair transforms into a neon rainbow when powered. A pulse setting enables the chair to flash on and off creating an instant disco installation.

If you are a DJ, this chair can come in handy. In wedding ceremonies bride groom can sit at the chair like this and hope to not die before the actual wedding. There can be a lot many other uses of this chair. Use your imagination. Oh! A naughty couple can use this chair as well.

This chair can be more interesting if it makes you jump while glowing using some kind of flexible wires. Its fun!

Source: Disco Chair