Identity Protector with Password Manager and PC Tune Up GiveAways Winners

by on September 13th, 2010

It has been a tremendous experience for me to arrange giveaways. Its like distributing little bit of happiness among my guests. As you all know TechMynd is a technology blog. We spread the word of open source, freeware, software, computer, social media and stuff that works. For the past few months we are giving away software. We purchase software before posting that GiveAway here, except once. TechMynd made a mistake by arranging giveaway for BeFunky back some days which is an online photo editing tool rather then downloadable software and we had to give BeFunky emails of two winners so that they would upgrade their accounts but they did not respond. We will post the full story at TechMynd with every bit of detail in coming posts. We have made two guests unhappy yet but we hope that we will get things straight on that.

Some guests wonder about the GiveAways we post at TechMynd. They ask questions like, really? why? seriously? The answer is that we have more than one income streams so we have decided to make our guests happy and let them enjoy the experience of some of the best full software by diverting one income stream towards giveaways. This makes us happy.

Some guests appreciate TechMynd and our GiveAways efforts in comments. Seriously, we want to give every guest something valuable for free. But again, here is a rule we are bound to follow. We have to make selection randomly. The lucky winner is chosen randomly from the guests who are subscribers and comment at that GiveAway post. That’s why we call him lucky guest.

Sometimes guests comment at older GiveAway posts which had been closed and for those winners had been announced. We request to every guest that please see the date of winner announcement of any particular GiveAway post before commenting and if that date has been passed and winner has been announced then look at the right sidebar for other available GiveAways and comment at those to get one.

Use TechMynd Forum for suggestions, GiveAway requests or stuff like that if you want to. Make groups and friends there, join in conversation, share something valuable or whatever… we won’t mind (no illegal or pirated stuff, no spam). The thing is, if you want to engage and share something, TechMynd forums are there.

Okay! The winners for the Identity Protector with Password Manager and PC Tune Up GiveAways are here:

Identity Protector with Password Manager GiveAway Winner

In Identity Protector with Password Manager GiveAway 40 guests participated and here is the lucky winner selected randomly from 40 participants.

**[email protected]
Wow, another great giveaway. This would be a great identity saver. Please include me in this one too.

PC Tune Up GiveAway Winner

In PC Tune Up GiveAway 50+ guests participated and the lucky winner is here.

osa***[email protected]
I would love to win a copy of PC Tune Up :)

Congrats CappyDawg and OAHMKD. Please reply us via email or comment this post to confirm that you have got this.

Thank you all.

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2 Reviews

  1. Cappydawy says:

    Thank you very much, what a great win!!!

  2. OAHMKD says:

    I received the gift..
    Thank you very much. :)