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by on August 20th, 2010

identity protector password manager license giveawayProtect Your Identity from Cybercriminals. Identity Protector with Password Manager is portable application that guards your online identity and protects you from identity theft. Hackers / criminals who spoof websites such as PayPal are experts at what they d and regardless of how careful you are, there are times when you are rushed, tired or distracted. Identity thieves bank on these lapses. And some of the phishing websites are identical to the genuine sites.

At a quick glance, it becomes impossible to tell the difference from spoofed sites and the genuine sites. Gone are the days of sloppy coding and spelling errors. Identity Protector with Password Manager protects you from phishing sites. Identity Protector with Password Manager will not release your personal data if the site is not legitimate and has been spoofed. Identity Protector with Password Manager is worth $29.95. We are giving it free to one lucky guest. The lucky guest will be announced at 12 September 2010.

password manager

password manager

Identity Protector with Password Manager operates with most programs and web browsers, including Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox. With the security issues with browsers, it is simply too risky to allow a browser to hold your confidential password information. Phishing, spoofing and other identity theft methods are becoming much more sophisticated in separating you from your password information. Protect yourself. Keep your passwords safe with Identity Protector with Password Manager.

Download Identity Protector with Password Manager

Download Identity Protector with Password Manager (5.8MB)
Identity Protector with Password Manager’s Homepage

Get Full Identity Protector with Password Manager

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  1. Cappydawg says:

    Thank you so much for the great piece of software. I just got to my emails this week being so swamp with work. Thank you again. I really enjoy your site.

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    for safe internet use . i need it full.. so plz count me.

  10. niraj says:

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  11. Coy Damon says:

    Identity Protector with Password Manager would be an excellent tool to help protect me from cyberscams and I.D. thieves.
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    Identity Protector with Password Manager operates with most programs and web browsers, including Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox. I am very impress with this, such an awesome giveaway. For me i am very interesting to get this stuff….lol and as a user exactly i want to give a feedback for the company to improve this kinda software. Thus my last word i really wanna try this great tool . I am from Malaysia.thanks

  17. Coast32 says:

    Awesome Giveaway Techmynd !!
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    Just what I need. Would love to win one of these.

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    an amazing software ^^
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  20. Quez says:

    It is much stronger than RoboForm.

    Count me in,plz

  21. poonam says:

    It seems awesome…I use internet banking most of the times to pay my bills and other transactions, would it help me protecting my user and password from hackers??????

    Is there trial version available for this purpose????

    Thanks in advance:-))

  22. Hari says:

    give me this please

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    Wow, another great giveaway. This would be a great identity saver. Please include me in this one too.

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    It’s very nice for security use.
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  38. Keiffer says:

    Just a note….
    This is a re-branding of Sticky Password V3.
    The screenshots are almost the same.

  39. amon says:

    LOL! another great tool from you once again. I’m using LastPass but I would like to some thing stronger like this. Please count on me.

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