iCloud Gets New Apps

by on September 16th, 2013

icloud apps

If you use iDevices e.g. ipad, iPhone, iPod – you are probably using iCloud that provides great backup facility so that your contacts, apps, emails, notes, reminders and iDevice itself remain safe. You can turn the iCloud backup on from device settings (iCloud) and it will keep your data synced with device and your account with Apple. Whenever you update data from above mentioned programs, iCloud will save it in the cloud so that it may be available for you on other iDevices from anywhere. Recently Apple released iPhone 5C and iPhone 5S and the iOS got a fresh update (iOS7). With that, I had a chance to look into iCloud and noticed few new apps which are in beta phase yet but worth a look. If you purchase new iPhone, these apps come free with the new iOS7 but if you download those apps from Apple Apps Store, it will cost you few bucks. Here are the new additions to the iCloud.

Mail, contacts, calendar, notes, reminders, find my iPhone have been in iCloud for a while. Here are new additions.

  • Pages
  • Numbers
  • Keynote
  • iCloud Keychain


As name suggests, you can create all sorts of pages by using this app. You can upload Microsoft Word document to edit and save there. If you create a document, it offers you few templates of letters, project proposals, resume, reports, poster, flyer, invitation card and other card templates. These templates are cool to start with and you can just select a template and edit it as you like. Choose a template and modify it according to your needs. You can save that final document edit, download that or share anywhere. Text formatting options are great. You can add images and shapes to your document. Its all self explanatory and easy to work with.

icloud pages


Numbers for iCloud are spreadsheets. You can upload Microsoft Excel spreadsheet to edit and use or you can create your own. The templates are even more awesome including checklist, loan comparison, budget, mortgage calculator, personal savings, auto log, weight loss and running log, travel planner, expense report, invoices, employee schedule, team organizer, GPA, sats lab and attendance. It is really more than you can ask for from iCloud Numbers for their spreadsheet solution.

icloud numbers spreadsheet


This is the presentation app or tool if you may call it. Microsoft PowerPoint presentations can be uploaded to edit and use and you can create your own presentations with beautiful effects and all the bells and whistles. The templates are there to choose from and its a breeze to create and share a master piece presentation right from the device even when you are on the go.

icloud keynote presentation

iCloud Keychain

This is something that is in the pipelines yet and is coming soon. You will be able to store encrypted passwords (for websites) in the cloud by using it and you can automatically signin to several online services that require password. iCloud can keep track of your account names, passwords, and credit card numbers for you. iCloud Keychain will work on all your iOS 7 devices and your Mac computers running OS X Mavericks. It’s highly secure due to 256-bit AES encryption.

icloud keychain

While you work with pages, numbers and keynotes (on MAC, iPhone or iPad), these get auto-saved.

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