iCare Data Recovery Professional – 10 Licenses Giveaway Plus

by on September 16th, 2012

This giveaway is very special one, so don’t just skim through this article. We request you to read this giveaway post carefully because it has to offer more than just single giveaway. In fact, through this post, we are offering two giveaways and one freeware version of same software that is very useful. iCare recovery is offering data recovery software free version plus data recovery standard version (September giveaway offer – unlimited license keys) plus data recovery professional version (10 license keys).

iCare data recovery offers following benefits:

Partition Recovery: Recover files from lost partition, deleted partition, partition not detected by PC.
Advanced File Recovery: Recovering deleted files with original folders and names, not formatted drive or card.
Deep Scan Recovery: RAW recovery module, recover files from bad boot sector, mbr, virus attack, damaged FAT.
Format Recovery: Recover files when drive says not formatted or has RAW error; restore from formatted drive, card.

iCare data recovery professional version costs $89.95. We have 10 license keys (total worth: $889.5). Subscribe to TechMynd’s newsletter (if you haven’t already) and comment this post to enter in this giveaway. Tell us what software you have already used for data recovery? What is your favorite data recovery software? Any bad experiences with data loss? Lucky winners will be announced after 20th October 2012. Share this post at Twitter, Facebook and other websites.

Besides all the basic functions, the iCare data recovery professional edition has got extra features like free lifetime upgrading support. It is especially useful when your computer encounters system/disk crashes and you need to reinstall iCare Data Recovery. It efficiently retrieves lost files from dynamic disk.

It can recover files from formatted drive, RAW file system, drive has not formatted error, RAW drive, undelete files from emptied recycle bin, recover files due to partition lost, system crash, software crash, bad boot sector, missing boot sector, bad MBR, $MFT damaged, lost partition table, lost or damaged FAT, virus infections, power failure, and similar data loss issues.

iCare Data Recovery Professional works perfectly with hardware RAID and hard drive, USB drive, SD card, memory card, etc. It provides the comprehensive data recovery solution for computer users.

iCare Data Recovery Professional Features

  • Recover files from formatted partition, memory card, external drive, USB drive, sd card
  • Recover 2TB disk
  • drive not formatted error and report RAW file system
  • Recover MAC files on Windows
  • Free lifetime upgrade once new edition released
  • Recover data when lost due to resize partition, merge partition, copy partition failure by ‘Partition Magic’, Partition Manager
  • It could restore photos, office files, zip files, rar files, emails, pdf files, etc.
  • Reformatted sd card, xd card, cf card, pen stick, memory card
  • System cannot boot, cannot locate the boot partition, I/O error
  • external drive, memory card, cf card cannot be detected or recognized
  • Virus attack and lost files
  • Bad boot sector, bad partition table, damaged FAT, lost File Allocation Table
  • Recover files from FAT, NTFS partitions
  • Recover files from devices with unknown file systems including Hard Disk, external ZIP/USB drive, removable SmartMedia, MemoryStick, SD cards, etc.
  • Recover damaged or deleted partition structures

Card Recovery Support Types

  • Memory card photo recovery
  • Recover photos cf card
  • SD card photo recovery
  • flash card file recovery
  • XD card photo recovery

Format Recovery Support Types

  • Recover data after format
  • CF card formatted recovery
  • SD card format recovery
  • Flash drive format recovery
  • accidentally formatted drive
  • recover files formatted c drive
  • External hard drive formatted recovery

Fix errors Support Types

  • drive is not formatted
  • SD card not formatted
  • Flash drive not formatted error
  • Floppy disk not formatted error
  • USB drive not formatted error
  • Kingston micro sd card says not formatted
  • sandisk cruzer not formatted
  • RAW drive

Compatibility: Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows 2000 pro, Windows Server 2008, Windows 2003, Windows 2000.

Below are the links for iCare data recovery freeware and link for iCare data recovery standard version giveaway, and iCare data recovery professional 10 licenses giveaway contest.

iCare Data Recovery Free Version

Free recovery software that can recover 2GB data. It can perform basic and advanced data rescue to help you restore data deleted, formatted or lost due to errors such as drive/system crash, virus attack etc. It can recover documents, emails, pictures, videos and audio files from almost any storage media including PC hard drive, cell phone, digital camera, removable media etc. As a powerful and complete 2GB data recovery freeware, it is full compatible with Windows XP/Vista/7. iCare Data Recovery Free is able to help you when other recovery freeware failed.

iCare Data Recovery Free Version Homepage

iCare Data Recovery Standard September Giveaway

Recover deleted files back in just a few clicks with iCare Data Recovery Standard which provides basic undelete plus deep scan recovery for all PC, camera, cellphone users to recover lost files, photos, videos, emails etc.

Recover files after disk format. Undelete deleted files. Restore files with original names. Scan deep sector by sector for lost files. Delete file recovery, format recovery, damaged file system data recovery, recover files from bad MBR, recover files from lost partition. iCare Data Recovery Standard can do more than you think on data recovery.

Get a free license of iCare Data Recovery Standard by providing your email address at link below.

iCare Data Recovery Standard – September Giveaway

iCare Data Recovery Professional Version Giveaway

This giveaway is what we would like you to participate in. iCare data recovery professional has free lifetime upgrade support and dynamic disk recovery features.

Download iCare Data Recovery Professional

How to Get the Full Version iCare Data Recovery Professional

Subscribe to TechMynd’s newsletter (if you haven’t already) and comment this post to enter in this giveaway. Tell us your experiences about data loss and recovery. We have 10 license keys (total worth: $899.5) for iCare data recovery pro version. Lucky winners will be announced after 20th October 2012.

21 Reviews

  1. Edwin Foter says:

    Third party Kernel for windows data recovery software will be very helpful to recover files from lost partition, deleted partition, partition not detected by PC. This tool uses advanced and sophisticated algorithm to scan ntfs and fat partition.

  2. MSerif says:

    Thanks for the giveaway

  3. Safi says:

    I badly need this software, because I often reinstall or delete my stuff.. and then regret it lol… please I really need the PRO version!

  4. William says:

    I have a experience,I lost my data,I use it,so I get my data back.

  5. Grr says:

    Thanks for the giveaway please count me in.

    I had once faced a very bad situation when I acaidently formatted the drive while installing OS. Fortunately i was able to remove quite a bit of data.

    Recently I used iCare Data Recovery Standard (from giveaway) to recover a few deleted files. It was a success. However, The PRO version gives lifetime free update and hence I would like to win a license.


  6. Muhammad Nasrullah says:

    I just found your fantastic website…
    You posted a lot of giveaway and I missed them…
    So I hope you will give me the opportunity to win this giveaway..
    By the way…
    I really need this license because I have lost some important data that cant be recovered…
    I hope I will win this giveaway :D

  7. Rana Farman Ali says:

    Nice giveaway. thanks techmynd….

  8. king says:

    always a big fan of your giveaways.please count me

  9. Akhil D Manu says:

    seriously I need this. I am a hobbyist photographer and last month I lost almost my 2yrs work. I tried some prominent software’s but couldn’t get any good results.. So please count me in.

  10. vhick11 says:

    I have a bad right click + shift + delete habit. One day I accidentally use my habit to m y precious videos. I cannot do anything besides crying. Lesson learned :)

    Thanks for the giveaway…

  11. pradhyumana says:

    I have several bad experiences to tell.

    First one was when my all data was lost because my C:/ drive was affected by virus and I was the naïve enough to leave My Documents in C: drive.

    Second time I lost my data when I was trying to dual boot and install Fedora Linux along with Windows. Since Linux name the hard drive partitions differently than windows I accidently overwrote my partition which had all the data.

    Third time it happened when my computer failed to boot (reason unknown) and I lost some data and pictures which were stored on desktop.

    Every time I had to recover my data with the help of some software. Fortunately I did not lose any important file, but I do understand the importance of data recovery software like iCare Data Recovery.
    thanks for sharing this license. Hope I will get lucky.

  12. Spitfire says:

    This software would be ideal as I’ve lost data in the past and had problems trying to retrieve it.I managed to recover some using some freeware but it wasn’t an 100% success.Here’s hoping I get lucky,and will have some decent software to stop this happening again in the future.Thanks

  13. Sumit Kumar Gogawat says:

    I am always participate in all giveaways but no win till now. I hope this time i should be winner. Thanks

  14. Robert says:

    I’ve used a number of undelete utilities (eg Recuva), but this looks like a winner. Have it installed on a USB key in case anything goes wrong with your PCs/laptops. All the advice is that you should never install and software on the disk/media your are trying to recover, so you either need this pre-installed on your hard disk, or pre-installed on a flash drive. Would love to add this in to my emergency toolkit!

  15. dan says:

    i would like to get a licence key

  16. qinywc813 says:

    Thanks For This Giveaway Mr Hiroshi !!!!!

    Before this,im experienced about using the software names CardRecovery V3.60 Build 1012 to recover back all the data loss about my memory card (MS PRO Duo) . But have some Error there is about only 60% data has been recovered back from this software, and all the data was recovered back,majority of the MP3 file are damage,is about 1 MP3 file rip together with another MP3 file or more than 2 MP3 file.

    Means when im playing about song ‘A’ ,by right should be only get the song ‘A’ rhythm,but the file that recovered back are rip with others MP3 file,when playing the song ‘A’ will suddenly shift to song ‘B’ and maybe will shift to song ‘C’,so can not get back the 100% pure output solution….

    Beside that,all the data has been recovered back from this software,it’s never Restore files with the original names as the icare data recovery software provide to us about this benefit.The file will be only shown to us names “FILE0001″,”FILE0002” and etc for all the different type of format files

    Another case is about CardRecovery V3.60 software is only perform to recover the data loss only(Partition Recovery),it’s never provide to me others features like icare data recovery software provide:
    Format Recovery,Deep Scan Recovery,Advanced File Recover,so the CardRecovery may have some limitation there….

    This is a Great Review,and im really very interested about this full version software and wanna try to recover again about my memory card, PLEASE COUNT ME IN Mr Hiroshi !!!

    Thank You very Much TECHMYND ~ !!!!!!

  17. Nedim says:

    It happened to me that I was just missing a few files … for no apparent reason. Missing …
    So he would like to have this software

  18. Ghost says:

    First of all, thank you for the campaign.
    I put some important files before D section. Some files are backed up with a program there. However, for backing up my data by overwriting deleted by overwriting backup said. Hetman Uneraser is a small part of the saved program. Even could not find many other programs. Recovery My Files program found all of them but I could not save for that license.

  19. Quoc Vuong says:

    thanks for giveaway.I want to use it
    I want to use the program to recover data from USB, deleted partitions, recover data accidentally deleted, virus deleted…..

  20. Isd says:

    Nice giveaway. .Some data I have lost which were stored in DVDs as they become non readable.Please count me also.

  21. Kol says:

    While other sites are currently posting only the Standard version giveaway of ICare Data Recovery
    Hiroshi on TechMynd has 10 licenses of ICare Data Recovery PRO version to giveaway :) ohh and also Standard..

    An attractive feature of the Pro version is that it is able to restore files from dynamic disk which
    is very useful if your computer is a victim of a system/disk crash and you need to reinstall !!

    fingers and legs crossed to win :P