IBM Next 5 in 5 2011

by on December 22nd, 2011

ibm next 5 2011

IBM Next 5 in 5 for 2011 unveils five important things that are going to change our lives in next five years. One of them is “Mind Reading”. IBM says that mind reading is no longer a fiction. Soon we will be able to control our devices with thinking of our mind. No need to use mouse or keyboard. Its like think and your devices will do that for you. Devices will accept commands directly from human mind.

Mind Reading

In next five years we will be seeing initial applications and models in action. Linking your brain to your devices is what scientists are trying to do next. You will think about calling someone and your cell phone will generate a call to that person for you. You will think and your computer will do tasks for you.


ibm next 5 2011 1

You will be able to power your house with the energy you create yourself. Imagine attaching uncharged battery to your bicycle for charging.


ibm next 5 2011 2

You need a password to use your computer. After five years you will not need a password. Your biological makeup is your key to individual identity. Eye Retina scan and voice will be used for your identity.


ibm next 5 2011 4

Its easier to get a mobile phone with connection than opening a bank account. Mobile payment system will enable users to shop on the go. Farmers will be able to decide when to crop their fields according to weather conditions. Growing communities will be able to use mobile technology to better serve people with new solutions and business models such as mobile commerce and remote health care.


ibm next 5 2011 3

There will be no more junk mails. Devices and online systems will be able to filter the information and collect only what you need. Imagine your mobile phone knowing your favorite band coming to town and putting tickets on hold for you to purchase!