How to View Hidden Files and .htaccess in FileZilla

by on December 20th, 2009

There are many FTP file upload / download, data transfer, remote backup softwares. Despite of its simplicity, web developers still like to use FileZilla. Sometimes you want to see the hidden files at the remote server. Take an example of .htaccess file. By default its hidden from view at remote server when browsing through FileZilla. This tutorial explains how to view hidden files e.g. .htaccess with the FTP client FileZilla.

To view hidden files in FileZilla V2 you need to change the settings.

Select Edit -> Settings -> Interface settings -> Remote file list
Near the bottom of the window select the check box which says “Always show hidden files” as shown below:

customize filezilla options

Refresh the files view and the hidden files including .htaccess will be shown right away. You can view it, download it or change it.

To view hidden files with FileZilla V3 follow these steps.

Select “Server” in the main menu
Select “Force showing hidden files”
Refresh files view