How to Use StumbleUpon to Increase Feed/Newsletter Subscribers

by on August 19th, 2009

StumbleUpon can bring huge visitor traffic towards your blog or site from 100 to 8,000 per day. Imagine if you can convert these visitors into subscribers. It is a fact that your blog feed subscription spike will increase but it will experience a decrease gradually with time. Your goal should be to retain these subscribers and make them a part of your community. There are no fixed set of rules but here are some methods which will convert visitors from StumbleUpon into subscribers.

Do not Thumbs Up Only Your Blog

Be genuine. Only stumble your best posts which you can not resist and give some time for submitting these to Stumble Upon. Do not post these all at once. You can get banned and also you will miss visitors which you could have won by posting your best content in regular period of time to motivate them to visit again.

Welcome New and Returning Visitors

Place a welcome message to stumblers or any visitor if you see that your specific web page is being heavily stumbled. ‘What Would Seth Godin do‘ or ‘WP Greet Box‘ WordPress Plugins encourage all new and returning visitors to subscribe to your feed.

Prominent Email Subscription Method

Provide a clear and prominent way of subscription method and offer different options for different types of visitors.

Subscriber Only Benefits

Give away free videos, eBooks, softwares or other materials that are only visible to subscribers.

Hold any Contest

Everyone loves winning free stuff or money. By offering such benefits, you can convert one-time traffic into permanent reader.

Signature Link for Subscription

Use links at the end of the post which guides and encourages readers to subscribe for feed.

Stumble Only Best Content

Only stumble the best content of your website.

Produce Great Similar Content

It can prove very beneficial to publish great content of similar kind after you’ve been stumbled for a specific post.

Build Community

Encourage comments. Blog with a large community will encourage participation, which motivates a reader to return to your blog.