Chrome Web Apps – Try Some Right Now

by on July 3rd, 2010

chrome web app store live

‘Chrome Web Apps Store’ is like ‘Apple’s App Store’ or the ‘Android Market’ but for web apps. You’ll be able to purchase or download for free and install web apps that can run in Google’s Chrome web browser or any web platform that supports web apps. Google will announce the store and apps being ready “later this year”, but you van have a taste of it right now.

Builds of Chromium have been able to run some apps for weeks now. This ability is still hidden behind a flag. You can figure out how to turn on this functionality.

chrome web apps

On Windows, close Chrome
Right click on your Chrome shortcut and select Properties.
Add to the end of the Target field –enable-apps so it would end with something like this –
chrome.exe” –enable-apps
Click on OK and start Chrome.

If that does not work, repeat these exact steps, but instead of adding –enable-apps, add –enable-extension-apps.

On Macintosh or Linux, you need the console\terminal

If you are using the latest Dev Chrome 6.0.408.1, the parameter name is –enable-apps

See the documentation

In case anyone using Mac OS X is interested:

$ open /Applications/Google\ –args -enable-apps

[ source ]

After enabling functionality; Find Chrome Web Apps and install some.

These web apps reside on your main “Most visited” Chrome page. You can click on any of these apps to launch them in a new pinned tab.

Clicking on a link to an app brings up a prompt to ask if you’d like to install it, just like you get when you install a Chrome extension. An overlay at the top of the browser then lets you know when the app is installed.

The latest builds of Chromium for Mac get the apps disabled. So you might want to try an older version from early June. Apps might be available on the Windows versions of Chrome first, and then Mac and Linux later.