How to Track Latest TV/Movies Downloads at Rapidshare

by on July 20th, 2009

Rapidshare is a huge file sharing/hosting server. The problem is they do not have a search facility or recent additions list which will let users know that what has been just uploaded at Rapidshare and is available for download. This problem can be solved easily.

There are some websites which track latest uploads at Rapidshare and many other file hosting servers. These also give you a way to search for newly uploaded files. You can search movies, Applications, TV Shows/Serials, Music, eBooks and more. These websites gather updates from different many forums, warez, torrents and file hosting servers.


I have one such website to share with you this time. Following website maintains lists of newly uploaded movies, music, TV shows and more and keeps you informed about new uploads over there. Next time when you are waiting for a great newly released movie, Go to this website and search it over there or search it in the list. You will find it there for sure. The most powerful feature of this website is of ‘multiple choices’ for downloads. e.g. When you will search for some movie, it will give you multiple resources to download it from.

This article is for information purpose only. TechMynd does not encourage to see such websites. Do it at your own responsibility. Such websites may contain some illegal stuff, mature content or such content which might be harmful for your computer. You have been warned.