How to Save PC From Infected USB While Using it

by on February 5th, 2009


Most virus infection comes while using USB with computer. USB device is used to carry data through PC and office or from market to PC. Public places where we can use computers such as internet clubs, offices, markets where there is local network area is enabled are considered to have potential virus carriers where USB/Flash drive can easily get infected and later on can cause data loss/virus/malware/adware infection in your home PC. Be careful enough while using USB drive while outside to avoid virus infection. There is a way to be safe from even infected USB while using it.

This method is not 100% safe though but you are still at safe side. Make a habit to use USb not by double clicking, exploring it or opening it as you insert USB and a popup window prompts you to browse it. Umm…No. Instead open any browser window and type there USB path to open it.

Open it like you open C drive by putting C:\ in browser window. Suppose my USB drive letter is appearing K. I will open any browser window or my computer. I will type K:\ in the address bar an hit enter. For additional care you can enable show hidden files and folders option from folder options and show hidden operating system files and folders from there. This will even show you hidden files or folders in the USB. You can have a clue by looking at that whether it contains any hidden file or folder with suspicious name or not.

For these options, Click at Tools in the top menu bar, click folder options and then click at view tab.

Tools » Folder Options » View
» Check option Show Hidden Files and Folders
» Uncheck Hide Protected Operating System Files (Recommended)

At least for the time being till you are done with the data transfer from USB drive. After that change these settings back to default. If you have anti-virus program or anti-malware/anti-adware program, I recommend to check first for infections in USB before opening it/using it.

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  1. Karthi says:

    Thanks a lot buddy

  2. D3ViL says:

    @Ahmer Shah: come on this isnt the place to ask me you have my contact details come on dude bring your data i will clean it up tomorrow :)

  3. Ahmer Shah says:

    Sir adeel can u please remove my hard virus??

  4. D3ViL says:

    @Hiroshi: thanks bro

  5. Hiroshi says:

    @D3ViL: Useful hint Adeel. Thanks.

  6. D3ViL says:

    Nice post another thing is to use dos command attrib and check autorun.inf and remove it.

    suppose if you have K: drive as you usb or pen drive here is steps to remove autorun.inf and be safe from usb virus.

    start dos you will be in your home directory move to your usb drive by command below

    c:\ k:

    then use attrib command to list out all hidden/readonly/system files


    if you see autorun.inf with SHR attributes then virus exists in your usb drive.
    a little explaination here is S for system file , H for Hidden file and R for readonly file.

    virus make autorun.inf as an system readonly and hidden file so no one can see or delete it.

    you need to remove these attributes from autorun.inf file by this command.

    K:\attrib -H -R -S autorun.inf

    now as these attributes are removed you can simple delete autorun.inf by del command.

    k:\del autorun.inf

    now you are safe. hAppY Safety :)

  7. munir says:

    Thats cool tip. My PC always gets infected due to USB drive because I carry data after scanning using it all the time. Is there not any scanning tool specific for USB drives?