How to Protect Your AdSense Account from Being Banned

by on September 27th, 2009

Google AdSense is a program which can make a lot of fortune for you. The important thing is, it is not always set it and forget it. You will have to make sure some security measures for your Google AdSense Account because they might only give you a single chance. Infact they only give one chance. If you ignore the security measures, it can prove to be disastrous for you (in case you are a publisher and dependent on AdSense) resulting your account and domain name to be banned forever for AdSense. Here is a quick tip for your AdSense account security.

One and only one foremost thing which is crucial; You can not click at ads appearing on your own website and you can not encourage your friends and family to click ads at your website. It will definitely get you and your domain banned.


* Now how about when you have got some person (competitor/enemy) who does not want you to use AdSense program? He might massively click at ads on your website and get you banned. He might also copy the ads target or code and get it in loop or refresh the target URL locally to do so.

* How about some crazy person who wants to click massively at your ads for fun or experimentation purpose?

* How about when you are a developer and create stuff e.g. ‘WordPress Themes’ and while checking your theme at your side you used AdSense ads in the theme files for checking purpose and you forget to remove that ads code and you uploaded your theme for public? Now people just download your theme and use it at localhost or online with your ads code. What if somebody is modifying files and your ad is refreshing there again and again?

Use your imagination!!!

Many clicks (accidental, intentional or by mistake of others or whatever) …. and …. you are scr***d.


Luckily the solution is also right inside the Google AdSense program. That is:

Only allow your websites which are using AdSense code to display the ads.


  • Go to AdSense Program, login
  • Go to ‘AdSense Setup’
  • Go to ‘Allowed Sites’
  • Check option of “Only allow certain sites to show ads for my account”
  • Fill in your domain names or websites which are using AdSense code and save changes.

Allowed sites are sites or URLs on which AdSense publishers allow or wish to have their Google ads displayed. Now only your websites will display the AdSense ads. If any other third party accesses your website or ads, ads will still show, but impressions and clicks will not be recorded.

– Use one domain there per line.
– Type domain without http://www


While these three are your websites using the AdSense program. This way you will ensure genuine clicks at AdSense ads and will avoid a big mistake to hand over your AdSense account to other people for play.

Read more about Allowed Sites
Also read Google AdSense guidelines for webmasters at Google AdSense.

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  1. Niki Sen says:

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    You will get banned!

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    1. set allowed websites
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