How to Play YouTube Video from Desired Point in Timeline by Giving Video URL

by on September 25th, 2009


How to recommend something from inside of YouTube video to anybody? Suppose you want to recommend a YouTube video to a friend. You have to give him URL of video. You do not want him to see the whole video and you want to save his time and point to the specified point in that YouTube video which you want him to start watching from so that it starts playing from the time you specify for it. There is a simple way to recommend a YouTube video to watch from predefined point in timeline which you desire.

Embed Youtube Videos with a specific timeline.

We take an example of a video. Consider the following URL.

Now all you have to do is to add the predefined time feature in the URL. Add following in the URL.

&feature=player_embedded#t=desired time in seconds

So that it becomes:


200 here is 200 seconds so that video will start playing where 200 seconds have been passed in the timeline.

Above whole URL with the specified time will become like following:


By this method you can save your friend’s time and recommend something in YouTube video which you want him to watch and not the whole video.

Minutes and Seconds – #t=31m08s

Above technique is to embed YouTube video and play from specific time and giving time in minutes and seconds.


In above example 15 is 15 seconds.

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