How to Link to HD Quality Videos from YouTube

by on July 19th, 2009

Suppose you are referring a YouTube video link to a friend via messenger or you are sending a YouTube video link via email or in case you have to put that link in your webpage for your visitors, but you want him to see the High Quality wide screen version of that video that what would you do? Here is a trick which will enable you to have High Quality HD wide screen (720p HD video – if available) version of that video.

Just add &hd=1 to the YouTube video URL in the end and it will directly play the High Resolution HD widescreen version of that video in the browser.
For example:

The URL links to the standard low quality version of the YouTube video;

While will prompt YouTube to show the high quality HD version of that same video.

Click at the above mentioned URLs one by one to see the difference.

This is more easy than previous parameters (e.g. &fmt=22 or &fmt=18) as they weren’t supported officially and therefore your video links could break in the future.