How to Get File Results About Special Extension Using Google

by on February 22nd, 2009

From ‘special’ here I mean ‘specific’; ‘some particular type of file/files’. Suppose you want to search and get results about all files having extension of avi or jpg or 3gp or pdf then how will you search? Writing ‘icon files of extension jpg’ is not a suitable way. You might get results about icon tutorials or icon maker softwares.

Consider a case when you want to search documents relating to United States population information but you want all files/results to be in pdf format/files, what would you do?

You can apply a specific kind of filter using Google search by telling it to give you results about files under extension which you specify. That is very easy. Here is the method how:

Writing filetype: pdf United States Population in search box and hitting enter will return results containing pdf documents containing information of United States Population.


filetype: avi harry potter Will return harry potter avi files results.
filetype: wmv wordpress tutorials Will return files in wmv format about wordpress tutorials.

This method is very cool when you want to save time, get some quick search to obtain 100% relevant results about your searching criteria. People say that Google is a mess. Search results are usually irrelevant. I say that once you get to know the rules; ways about how to use this giant; searching experience can be heavenly. You get what you ask for.

You might have remembered something to search again which you dropped back some days by using this method, by now. Tell me in comments what you gonna search :)