How to Downgrade From Windows Vista to Windows XP at Laptop

by on July 8th, 2009

In the post Why Windows Users Hate Windows I told my readers that I had a tough time in downgrading from vista to XP at my laptop. Well this is easy if you configure the right settings in Setup Options of System.

When PC starts press F2 to go into ‘Setup’ Options.
Go to ‘System Configuration’
Select ‘SATA Opreation’ which configures the operating mode of the integrated SATA hard drive controllers.

There will be three options.

  • Disabled (SATA controllers are hidden)
  • ATA (SATA is configured for ATA mode)
  • AHCI (SATA is configured for AHCI mode)

I had Windows VISTA at this Laptop but I wanted Windows XP for a while. Whenever I was trying to install Windows XP; it gave me ‘Blue Screen of Death’ and the system had to be rebooted.

What I had to do from Setup Options; I changed the configuration of above setting from AHCI to ATA.
I was able to install Windows XP, alright. Changing this setting will disable your old installed OS to run and you have to reinstall the OS again anyways.
Okay that’s it.

PS: If you need to downgrade Windows OS for a while, go do it. But I would prefer using Windows Vista (Windows 7 – even better) than using Windows XP.