How To Disable WordPress Plugin Updates

by on December 1st, 2008

It is important that you keep your WordPress plugins up to date. If you don’t, your blog or website could be susceptible to security vulnerabilities or performance issues. For those people who prefer to keep old version of plugins and are confident enough about its performance and yet they do not want to be bothered by Plugin Panel notifying that plugins has been updated and update automatically, or they simply want to update these manually, there is a solution to remove all such plugin update notifications.

Disable WordPress Plugin Updates WP Plugin Completely disables the plugin update checking system in WordPress. The plugin prevents WordPress from checking for updates, and prevents any notifications from being displayed on the Plugins page.

One Review

  1. RENE says:

    It is not recommended. Keep Plugins up to date to avoid encountering errors or compatibility issues or even for saving your website from hacking and damage of data.