How to Create a Digg Widget For Your Blog and Why

by on August 14th, 2009


Digg is a home of top most news/stories being liked and posted there by its users. Top stories are original news with potential to give us something new and interesting which can start a huge buzz around the globe. If a post is submitted there, its a free choice for everybody; Anybody can vote it and cause it to emerge at the surface in this river or drown it by burying it. Now what about displaying some top news stories from Digg at your blog, which will be related to your niche. It will interest your users a lot because you are giving them something interesting to explore related to what they are searching and that’s already a top story.

You can easily display the latest top Digg news on your site by adding a Digg Widget, with many choices for what to show and how it’s displayed. When news is updated on Digg, it will automatically be displayed on your site, in the format that you choose.

Customize your Widget and then copy and paste the appropriate code to your site. It is really that simple.

  • Choose a theme (blue, black, grey, unstyled)
  • Choose what to show (popular stories from which category or which user or which site)
  • Customize display options (width and height of the widget, border, title content or description also, link target)

Okay, now why?

  • It can bring traffic towards your website
  • Suppose you write for Apple, You can display Apple top Dugg stories at your site
  • Your site users will be always informed about what’s big and latest hot stuff in your niche
  • You can have an idea that what is hot whenever you yourself visit your site without going anywhere
  • You can build a karma or network at Digg which will in turn give your site traffic
  • Its free, simple, light, customizable, user-friendly and informative

Create a Digg Widget for your Blog/Website