How To Add Twitter To Your Feedburner Feed

by on August 7th, 2009

Give your subscribers easy ways to share and act on the content you publish by including ‘Twit This’ in the feed items so that they can publish your post at Twitter. FeedFlare places a simple footer at the bottom of each content item (post and feed), helping you to distribute, inform and create a community around your content. ‘Twit this’ is also a service you can use, but its kind of hidden in the feeds account. Here is how you can do it.


  • Go to your feeds account and login.
  • Go to Optimize.
  • Select FeedFlare.
  • Go down to Add New Flare.
  • Beneath that there is a ‘Browse the Catalogue’ Link. Click that.
  • In popup You will see a number of services.
  • Locate Twit This.
  • Copy Link Location.
  • Go back to Add New Flare.
  • Past this address there and add it.
  • Save Settings.
  • That’s it.

4 Reviews

  1. bachitux says:

    Thanks! It works perfectly…

  2. TechPatel says:

    thanks for the wonderful post, i found it very informative. keep writing

  3. Hiroshi says:

    Feedburner has changed its structure a bit. If you simply want to auto notify Twitter about every new blog post then they have another feature in publicize section in socialize tab. There you can connect your Twitter account with Feedburner and there you are. Every new blog post will be posted at Twitter. Or simply use
    Practice caution. Twitter doesn’t like when you only post links. Specially automatically. Read their TOS.

  4. Ralf iPhone says:

    Doesn’t work for me – there’s no ‘Catalogue’ to be found and adding a flare like doesn’t work aswell!