Hopedot VOS (Security Edition) Giveaway – 10 License Keys

by on September 11th, 2012

Hopedot Virtual Operating System enables you to create a virtual environment similar to Windows OS. In this virtual environment, you can install and run applications as you do on Windows OS, you can browse and bookmark your favorite sites etc. You can do nearly everything on it as you do on your Windows OS. Hopedot VOS can be installed on any storage devices (e.g. USB) and use it on any PC. Most important, no traces of your operations on Hopedot VOS will be left so that your local system will never be affected whatever you do on Hopedot VOS. You can use it to test applications or you can work securely on Hopedot VOS without having to worry about your data or Windows security.

Hopedot VOS Security Edition costs $69. We have 10 licenses of Hopedot VOS (Security Edition) to giveaway. Tel lucky winners will be announced after 30th September 2012. Comment this post to enter in the giveaway contest.

Hopedot VOS is a powerful virtual operating system. with it, you can take your PC desktop and applications with you anywhere. Make use of your own environment and do whatever you like to do. Everything on your PC will be protected under Hopedot VOS. No more worries about virus and Trojans on your host computer. Encrypted Hopedot VOS file will make your VOS your private file.

Hopedot VOS Security Edition is an enhanced version of its standard version with extra security features. While in Standard version, users can copy files easily between host environment and Hopedot environment. In Security edition, files and data transfer between these two environment must be imported or exported with management password needed. Files and data are encrypted into one folder named “Import and Export Files” and can be available only in Hopedot VOS environment. By adopting the advanced control technology of AES256 data encryption, Hopedot VOS security edition effectively prevents data and information leakage.

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  • Easy-to-use Interface:
    Hopedot VOS has almost the same interface as Microsoft Windows OS, so it will take just a few seconds for you to get familiar with it.
  • Virus proof and system clean:
    All configuration files are written into the VOS registry, not the host computer registry when running software on Hopedot VOS virtual system, so neither of the two systems will be affected by each other. Thus it is virus-proof and keeps your system clean.
  • Unlimited application direct installation:
    Different from other portable launchers which only support portable apps installation, Hopedot VOS supports standard software installation without any modification or repacking. It is just the same as you install software on Windows OS.
  • Privacy information protection:
    All your private information, such as the browser cookies, bookmarks, website history, software history, website login history are all stored and encrypted in the Hopedot VOS virtual system.
  • All your personal stuff encrypted:
    All your applications, files and other data on Hopedot VOS will be encrypted into one single file and they can only be accessed by logging in to your Hopedot VOS so that all your stuff are safe with Hopedot VOS.

Any PC, Your Personalized PC

With Hopedot VOS, you will be able to take your entire PC on any storage devices such as USB flash drives, external hard disk drives, iPods etc. Whether you are on a holiday or on a business travel or you want to resume your work in the office, you just plug in your Hopedot VOS enabled device on any PC, you instantly have access to your familiar PC environment, with your own desktop, your own data and your own applications.

Freedom of Unlimited Applications

Hopedot VOS gives you a large range of selection for installing and running applications. You can directly install and run most applications on Hopedot VOS without modifying applications or any additional add-ons.

System Protection

Hopedot VOS doesn’t alter your host Windows system. Hopedot VOS and the host system are isolated so that when you do everything on Hopedot VOS, no trace will be left on the host computer system. You don’t have to worry about installing rogue software, browsing malicious sites on your own computer, or lose your personal data on a public computer anymore.

Protect Computer from Malware Spread via USB Drives

Most of the malware spread through USB devices, and can be a hassle to get rid of. With Hopedot VOS (SE), you could easily protect yourself against malware that come from USB devices. Hopedot VOS and the host OS are completely separated with non-interference, so you needn’t worry about the cross infection of viruses between the virtual OS and the host OS. This means, if you infected your USB with Hopedot VOS on, by malware, your host OS will still be clean and safe.

So, who needs Hopedot VOS Security Edition?

With a security encryption, Hopedot VOS security edition offers a particularly high sense of security protection. It’s generally adopted by those computer users who require high information security guarantee.

  • Public computer (school, cyber-cafes, library) users
  • Business owners, financial accountants, civil servants
  • Users who must have familiar operating system with specific applications installed when they are unable to work in office (on a business trip, at home).
  • Enterprises that wish to provide their employees a portable and secure PC working environment without issuing expensive laptops.
  • Nearly all groups of people in different fields are in need of Hopedot VOS solutions both in personal use and business use.

Limitations: Hopedot VOS supports only Windows 32bits systems, yet.

Download Hopedot VOS (SE)

Download Hopedot VOS (Security Edition)
Hopedot VOS Security Edition Homepage

How to Get Free License of Hopedot VOS Security Edition

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  1. Kol says:

    anticipation is heightening as we get closer to the inevitable giveaway ;)

  2. Kiki says:

    I’d really like Hopedot VOS for my experiments with softwares and configurations

  3. Asriel Rusdyawan says:

    Great Giveaway Dude.
    Please count me in too..
    I wish to be the Lucky Winner here!

  4. khas says:

    it is awesome more or less it is a remote to our computing devices and i m desperate to get this giveaway thanks to Hiroshi rana hope u will consider bro

  5. malkhaz says:

    Thanks for offering this excellent program. i have used vmware vmplayer before. i will use this software to protect my system

  6. Alex says:

    It seems to be what I need to keep my computer tidy and not to be afraid of trying new software so as to make sure of new available opportunities. Besides, it can be taken anywhere not like VMWare or Virtual Box. Hope that Spoon will have a rest.

  7. R3 says:

    Thanks Hiroshi and Hopedot for the cool giveaway. If I win a License of Hopedot VOS Security Edition I will simply use it to test applications and other suspicious software’s, files, etc. Apart from that I will use it whenever I’m online to protect my host OS from infections and since its portable I can use it on any 32-bit Windows OS system whenever I want.

    Best Regards

  8. king says:

    thats a very useful os.please count me in

  9. sidd says:

    Thank you very much for the Giveaway.Please count me in.

  10. satish says:

    ur stuffs are admirable. thanks 4 all which u have done on this site these are very helpful.

  11. Druid says:

    Thank you for the competition…I use virtual environments to test software, before making a decision to install or purchase and obviously testing for any hidden viruses or malware

  12. Sandy says:

    Hi I used to run softwares related to my job on my pc, but sometimes these softwares are not as per requirement or having malware with them. Hope this program will be a very useful tool for me.

  13. ha14 says:

    working on other computers in secure mode is very important, working with files every where will be easier and encouraged since Hopedot VOS and the host OS are completely separated so this eliminate propagation of malware through USB and loss of valuable data, Hopedot VOS Security Edition is the right answer to this situation. Thanks for this contest

  14. vhick says:

    Just like my virtual operating system, I use this for my testing purposes like installing programs and testing beta stage programs. I also use this for portabling my software if its compatible.

    Thank you.

  15. sumit gogawat says:

    i m looking for this. please count me

  16. Angel V says:

    Thank you for the giveaway! I’m testing a lot of software and I surely need something like this. Currently I’m using Oracle VirtualBox and Wondershare Time Freeze in some cases but I really would like to have Hopedot so please count me in!

  17. devcih says:

    I wud use hopedot virtual operating system to test new games and apps. I have used sandboxie but heavy games freeze the system inside sandboxie

  18. Frankie says:

    I want to install and run apps in my office computer and library with this software. Hope to win one. Thanks.

  19. Cool says:

    I previously use VMware for testing several software if it were safe to use or not. I will at time use it to test on some system tweaking and comparison of it.

    This seem to be very promising software. Hopefully can grab myself a free copy here.
    Thank for this awesome giveaway and count me in too!

  20. Ghost says:

    Virtualbox I used it before. Now I installed it on my computer again. VirtualBox is to establish a virtual operating system was preferred. This program is the first I’ve seen your site. I mean, here. I want to try the program.
    Thanks For campaign.

  21. Grr says:

    Thanks Hiroshi for the giveaway.
    I have used & use VMWare player for virtualization.

    I’m a big fan of virtualization as it helps keep my system safe. I will appreciate if you could count me in this giveaway.


  22. Newbie says:

    I’ve used VirtualBox, but that doesn’t offer as much security as Hopedot. Since, I have several creations of my own, a high-end security is a necessity. Thanks for the offer. :)

  23. Imre Tabori says:

    We are finally reaching a new era when you don’t need to worry about the foreign host’s virii and malware.

  24. Qwx says:

    I used Shadow Defender as virtualization program but this is not like Hopedot VOS because when I restart computer all changes are cleared. So I want this software, is very useful and it upgrades my security.Please count me in:)

    Thanks for this great giveaway!!!

  25. Bero says:

    Excellent program. I will use it for safe surfing and testing of other applications. I do not use any similar program for virtualization.

  26. Dacko says:

    This application seems to be very good. If I win license, I use a program primarily for testing other applications and safe surfing. I’ve never used this kind of virtualization software. Thanks for the giveaway contest and good luck to all.

  27. Mohammad Wasiullah says:

    Thanks for giveaway i would like to use this software for my educational purpose i am a student i have to install many OS many time format and i don’t want o format many times my PC if i will win this my problem will be solve and i will don’t need to format many times my PC for install new OS in my physical Computer i will be very happy if i will win this and i already used some free virtual but that is not fill full my need this is the good solution for me.

  28. Kurt says:

    I hope I can get one license :)

  29. turnasuyu says:

    Thanks for giveaway. Count me in please.

  30. Kol says:

    I am excited about this 10 license giveaway!!… ok admit to being a bit of a techie
    honestly can’t think of a better software program that I would rather take out for a ride
    and put it through its paces

    would be interested to find out what version this comp is giving away pls?

    another great post!! B-)