Hide Any Hard Disk Drive Completely

by on May 15th, 2008


If you have important documents ;-) and you are afraid about its privacy then do not be worried because windows XP provides (not officially) a utility by which u can hide your PC’s one or more drives.

  1. Go to Start > run > type diskpart.
    A dos window will appear with following.
  2. Then type list volume
    This will look like it
    Volume### Ltr Label Fs Type Size Status Info etc in a row and details beneath.
    Volume 0 F DC-ROM
    Volume 1 C NTFS Partition 7000MB Healthy
    Volume 2 D soft NTFS Partition 8000MB Healthy
    Volume 3 E —- NTFS Partition 8000MB Healthy
  3. If u wanna hide drive E then type select volume 3 and hit enter.
    Then a message will appear in same winwods {Volume 3 is the selected volume}
  4. Now type remove letter E
    A message will come {Diskpart Removed the Drive letter}
    Sometime it requires the reboot the computer. And your E drive is vanished from sight.

Diskpart will remove the letter. Windows XP is not having capabilty to identify the unkown volume.

Now Do not be afraid. Your data will ramain safe.
To revert changes, repeat the process . but in 4th step replace “remove” with “assign
I mean type “assign letter E

Your drive will reappear again. 


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  1. GAURI says:


  2. rafeek says:

    hi,this very nice, but careful…

  3. gyanprakash says:

    thanks for hide any drive of windows xp

  4. Ricardo says:

    hey, very good helpz you have here!
    for this tip, i have one for the non command line users.
    right click “my computer” on the start menu and choose manage. in this window, on the left pane chose disk manager.
    here, past some seconds analizing the harddrives and cd ‘s you see your volumes, with partitions all graphic.right click the drive you need to hide from explorer, choose change drive letter and from the letter list, choose none!

    thanks for your list of helpzzz
    from PT, with love