Hide Any Drive (Disk Partition) from Computer

by on January 11th, 2014

Computers or laptops come with a single drive usually C drive and that is your hard disk with single partition (in most cases). Second drive or partition is kept reserved for system or contains Windows restore files. Its recommended to create at-least two or more partitions of hard disk so that you may distribute your data in those separate drives according to the data category. For example, keep Windows operating system in C partition, keep work files in partition D and keep entertainment data, music, videos in E partition. If you do not have multiple partitions, its a good idea to ask for help from your geek friend or local computer shop to create partitions of your hard disk. You do not have to re-install operating system to create more partitions in hard disk. Partition software can do it safely. So after having multiple partitions or disks in your computer you can hide any drive if you like. You can do this for security purpose or just for fun. Here is how to do it.

You can hide a drive by using ‘command prompt’ or via ‘computer management’.

Hide Unhide Drive Via Command Prompt

Open Run (shortcut: Windows+R), Type cmd, hit enter
Or go to Start Menu > All Programs > Accessories > Command prompt
Type Diskpart, hit enter
If UAC (User Account Control), dialog box prompts, click Yes
Type List Volume, press enter (this will show the list of all drives in PC)
Select the drive that you want to hide by typing Select Volume (Volume Number) or by typing Select Volume (Drive letter) like below:

select volume 3
select volume D

Drive will be selected
To hide that drive, type Remove Letter D and press enter while D is the drive that you want to hide.
Now drive D will be hidden. Check by going to my computer.

To unhide drive D do this:

Type list volume, press enter
Type select volume d, press enter
Type Assign Letter D, press enter

The drive D will be visible again.

Hide Unhide Drive Via Computer Management

Right click on the computer from desktop or start > computer
Select Manage
Hit yes
Select ‘Disk management’ from ‘Storage’ in the left panel
Select the drive you want to hide
Right click at drive and select ‘change drive letter and paths’
Hit remove button
Selected drive will be hidden from my computer now

To unhide the drive again do this:

Right click drive from ‘computer management’ and select ‘change drive letter and paths’
Hit ‘Add’ button and assign it a letter
Drive will be visible again.

That’s it.