Happy Birthday to Me

by on December 17th, 2007

Hi, all my readers. Today at 17-December-2007 is my birthday. I do not know why but I want to reveal to you all and say it aloud that I am a Sagittarius. Its funny weakness of mine that wherever there will be discussion about Zodiacs around me you will hear me saying that I am a Sagittarius. I shall keep my age secret though :) If you like zodiacs too, then proceed to RecipeApart.

For my birthday I developed a present for me myself and for you all also. Of course PMB. Its Personal management Book. A PHP MySQL Open Source content management system which covers address book, events, phone book, birthdays, reminders, expenditures management and more. This is my first Open Source CMS attempt inwhich I succeeded and amazed myself. Let’s see I amazed you with PMB or not!

Download PMB

4 Reviews

  1. Samil says:

    Very comfortable gb style of site. What CMS do you use ?

  2. Hiroshi says:

    Happy birthday to you too.

  3. me too says:

    hehe nice. I was searching for weather news and i stumbled upon your blog. I’m also a sagittarian and mine was on Dec.12th, i bought myself few presents as well. :D

    Happy belated birthday once again!