Google Talk Labs Edition – Emotions, Group Chat, Appear Invisible Status

by on June 14th, 2010

google talk labsStandard Google Talk messenger client allows you to send instant messages to your online buddies, send and receive free voice calls, change status to away, busy, available and custom status message. It does not give you option to appear invisible for your buddies while still being online, A feature which almost any popular messenger program has got. Well now you can appear invisible using Google Talk, Use multiple Google Talk and sign in with more than one Google Account at the same time, have a sneak peak of what the new Google Talk is going to bring for you, Google talk emotions, Google Talk group chat and more.

Download Google Talk Labs Edition and get:

  • Features of the Google Talk Gadget on your desktop (emoticons, group chat, and more!)
  • Desktop notifications from Gmail, Calendar (with a new snooze option!) and Orkut
  • Status Invisible Mode
Download Google Talk Labs Edition

Download Google Talk Labs Edition