How Google Search by Voice Works – Videos

by on October 7th, 2010

google voice

Talk to Google and ask em’ about anything and get results instantly. Google encourages you towards spending a really lazy life. Why text or type search queries when you can speak? Must watch the last video of Pizza.

The lady seemed to be amused at the situation. While Google can help you if you ask em’ how to cure ‘Brain Freeze?’ What if somebody does not know about whether it was a brain freeze or something else? Thanks to lady who did not panic and knew his man had a brain freeze while enjoying a cold ice cream.

Calories Burned in a Hot Tub

Search Pizza Nearby by Saying it

Do you want Pizza? Does not matter wherever you are, hold your iPhone, use Google Mobile Voice App and say Pizza. It will recommend locations near by you where you can find Pizza.

Spoiler: You will hate Pizza after watching this video.

Thumbs up if you watched the whole video above. Sorry I did not mean to bore you, but will you eat Pizza now?