Google Search Results – Malwares at Top

by on November 1st, 2009

Google search is the world’s most popular and top ranked search used daily by millions of internet users. Yet there are funny flaws in everything. And I mean everything. Nothing is perfect. Funny things happen when these are least expected. I searched something at Google today and what I got amazed me so I thought to share it with you all.

I searched the term ‘catwalk’ at Google and clicked at the first top search result which brought me to the malware warning page saying, “Warning – visiting that web site (top search result) may harm your computer!”. For different countries top search result can differ of course.


The thing is; if this site contains malware threat then why it is at top in Google search results. Why don’t Google drop this site and shows quality websites at the top. I mean top first search result and that’s faulty. This is not users expect at least from search engine like Google. Is it?