Google Has Rolled Out Major Update for Search Algorithm

by on September 27th, 2013

Google search timeline

World’s leading search engine Google has just silently rolled out its major algorithm update code named as ‘Hummingbird’ . You might not know it but you are experiencing it already while searching the internet by using Google. Senior VP at Google said that the new algorithm ‘Hummingbird’ affects 90% of all searches, and has been in place for about a month. Hummingbird is the most significant algorithm change after the “Caffeine” back in 2010. Its been fifteen years of Google search. This major update affects on offering up direct answers to questions? So Hummingbird focuses on parsing searches as complex questions.

One thing Google aims for its search program is to get your laptop, PC and phone answer back to direct queries via Google Voice. Users can ask Google to compare two items now, generate a list of songs from a particular artist, or pull statistics about any famous location and receive a voice response.

Google now can recognize the complex questions and retrieve relevant knowledge in the way it should be. Caffeine was more focused on better indexing and crawling of sites to speed results according to the needs of the past but this update also focuses more on ranking sites for better relevance by tapping further into the company’s Knowledge Graph, its encyclopedia of concepts and relationships among them. Hummingbird allows Google to more quickly parse full questions (as opposed to parsing searches word-by-word), and to identify and rank answers to those questions from the content they have already indexed.

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