Google Penalizing Webmasters, Bloggers

by on November 14th, 2007

Many Bloggers and Webmasters rely on Google Adsense for advertisement and earnings. I recommend you read Quality Guidelines by Search Engines and admit the fact that Google can not be tricked and it is simply reasonable to be fair while writing and building quality content. If your behavior is not careful enough then read on and learn some lesson.

Google banned MasterNewMedia. A PR7 blog from its search engine results. It is reported that around 16,000 master new media blog posts have been penalized and removed from Google search result pages. Blog was at number one position in Google search results for the terms like “Independent publishers”. Now its rank is 504 in search results.

Further more author previously said that the reason for this penalty was Text Link Ads and some hidden text on blog, but in his latest post he says that there may be some other reasons like Spam comments left on articles for long time or multiple domains pointing to same IP creating duplicate content.

Not to mention that author is suffering many losses at the same time like, loss of $4000 of Adsense revenue, $3000 of Text link add revenue and mainly traffic loss of around 1/4 from 16,000 per day to merely 3000 a day.

This could be the worst nightmare for any independent publisher. If you don’t want to get penalized by Google then be careful about mistakes pointed out by Google. Follow strictly the Webmaster Quality Guidelines given by search engines like Google. The worst part is, Google will not tell you exact cause. It will point towards something or hint about something but there might be more actual reasons for penalizing like mentioned above the above mentioned author himself did not know the exact cause. He was giving some clues according to his thoughts.

Read Webmaster Quality Guidelines by Google.

Being an SEO, Developer and a Webmaster, I would personally agree and recommend you some of these very seriously.

  • Build pages for users, not for search engines.
  • Avoid Hidden Text across the website. This includes hidden layers too.
  • Avoid redirects.
  • Keywords must be relevant. It means extract keywords from you page content and then put in meta.
  • Avoid Duplicated Content.
  • Do not click your ads.
  • Do not reload pages again and again.
  • Do not create pages that install viruses, trojans, worms or other badwares.
  • Avoid doorway pages.
  • Provide unique and relevant content.
  • Do not participate in Link Exchange Schemes and websites which boost your page rankings.
  • Avoid “Cloaking”, means don’t show different pages to search engines and different to your readers.
  • Avoid Automated programs to submit your content to google.
  • For sites participating in affiliate programs make sure you have sufficient, logical unique and relevant content build for users only.

So i would recommend you to Play Fair…

Earn real respect. Wait for a while and let your content be noticed. I do SEO myself. For SEO techniques i would suggest:

  • Rewrite content. Improve quality.
  • Do not build fake links.
  • Do not buy or sell Links.
  • Do not repeat links.
  • Let webmasters read, appreciate and link to you by themselves if they want.
  • Do not use automated free softwares for submissions and analysis. Use Google analysis tools.
  • There are not two hundred and thirty search engines out there. Infact the amount is very less and noticable are even less. SEOs who claim to include your website in hundreds of search engines just boost.

SEO is a very careful business. Only genuine, fair and Search Engines recommended steps can lead your website to good ranking and at the top position. Content is king. An SEO must be a good content writer. Ask yourself what you are producing and how it helps your visitors? Remember websites you like and observe how they write.

There is not just Google AdSense. There are other ads network too though which pay you great. See Make money section.