How Can Google Now Manage Your Day to Day Life and Activities in a Better Way

by on May 21st, 2013

Google Now can be your best personal digital assistant. Google Now cards help you stay informed and manage your personal and business life in a better way. Well informed and connected person can best utilize his available time and potential. Where ever you go, Google now keeps you informed about the weather, traffic, nearby places of interest, sports, movies, concerts, stocks, transportation and much more. Google Now does not need GPS, so you will get the right info on your smart device all day long, with minimal battery use. Depending on your use of Google Now, it will display information that you need quickly. Go to Google Now settings and select or add what you like. For example: You can go to sports > Teams and add your favorite teams to get information about your favorite sports teams. Get answers without typing. Tap microphone and ask anything to get relevant answer. Give it system level commands that it can pass to Siri to perform specific action (e.g. email, call). Take a photo (of landmarks, products, artwork etc.) by using your mobile camera and search relevant information about it.

Manage Your Whole Day with Google Now

google now cards

Your Boarding Pass: Google Now pulls your boarding pass to help you breeze through to the gate.
Your Activity Summary: See a summary of approximately how far you walked or cycled during the past month.
Your Appointments: When you have an appointment, Google Now checks traffic so you can know how long it’ll take to get there. You even get a notification for when you should leave.
Weather: Google Now shows weather for your current location and work. Or, if you will be traveling, Google Now shows the weather at your destination.
Traffic Conditions: Get traffic conditions and alternate routes before you leave for work.
Flights: Get real-time flight status and traffic information to the airport.
Hotels: Get one-touch navigation to your hotel (nearby hotel) when you arrive in a new city.
Restaurant reservations: Be reminded to leave for the restaurant based on live traffic information.
Events: Get reminders about events you purchased a ticket for.
Packages: See when your online orders ship.
Birthdays: Reminds you to wish friends happy birthday on G+ or contact them directly.

Stay Connected and Get Informed about Things you Love

google now cards

Zillow: See nearby real estate listings with Zillow. When you are checking out that remodeled kitchen at the open house, Google Now will automatically pull up more information about the listing.
Sports: Google Now keeps you updated on your favorite sports teams in real time, with live scores and upcoming games. You can even buy game tickets on the fly.
Movies: See showtimes and ratings for what’s playing when you’re near a theater. Also be notified when a movie you’re interested in arrives at theaters.
Fandango: When you purchase your movie tickets through Fandango, Google Now will remind you when you need to leave for the theater and display your tickets once you arrive.
Concerts: See when your favorite artists have concerts at venues near you.
Stocks: Get real-time information about stocks you track.
Public Alerts: Provides emergency information from sources such as the National Weather Service and the U.S. Geological Survey.
Developing Story and Breaking News: See breaking news and other developing stories you may be interested in.
Research Topic: Get suggestions for interesting web pages to explore, based on research you’ve already begun – for example, for a trip you’re planning – to help you continue your research.

Stop Being a Stranger. Be a Local Anywhere in the world

google now cards

Public Transit: When you’re near a bus stop or a subway station, Google Now tells you what buses or trains are next.
Places: When you’re on the go, Google Now will suggest nearby bars, restaurants, and places of interest. You can quickly jump to Google Maps to get more info, reviews, or even make a reservation. If you are at a museum or a shop, you can even use your camera to look up artwork or get product information.
Nearby Attractions: See what nearby attractions are popular to visit.
Nearby Events: See a list of current concerts or popular events you may like.
Nearby photo spots: Learn of popular photo spots nearby.
Translation: Google Now helps you find just the right word when you’re away from home.
Currency: Use Google Now to quickly check the local conversion rate when you’re traveling.
Time at Home: When you’re in a different time zone, Google Now shows you the time at home so you never feel too far away.

Add Google Now icon to your dock. Its an app that you need to find fast in your mobile device. Long press Google search app icon and drag it to dock.

If Google Now is not available in your country, you can get it by following these instructions. Download Google Now for mobile devices.