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by on May 26th, 2013

google glass

Google Glass is a project by a separate Google’s facility that is working on future technologies. That same facility is working on “self driving cars”, “augmented reality glasses”, “web of things” and many other futuristic concepts.

Googles glass is a wearable computer with a head mounted display (HMD) that can interact with the Internet via natural language voice commands and displays back relevant information in a hands-free format. It has got the frame like regular glasses but do not currently have lenses fitted to it. Google is considering partnerships with Ray-Ban or Warby Parker for this purpose. Google Glass comes in different editions. The Google Glass Explorer Edition that will work together with frames and lenses that match the wearer’s prescription because It will also be attachable to normal prescription glasses.

Wear Google Glass and say “O.k. Glass” and it will be activated and show you current time. Now you can take a photo of what you are looking at. You can capture HD video of what you see. You can share live what you are viewing. You can ask directions. You can send email, use Twitter or Facebook. You can translate language. You can search anything on Google by using Google Glass and all by voice commands. Just say it and it will bring results in front of your eyes.

google glass

google glass

google glass

google glass

google glass

Google Glass Features and Specifications

  • Android 4.0 or higher
  • 640×360 display resolution
  • 5 megapixel camera, capable of 720p video recording and take photos
  • Wi-Fi 802.911b/g
  • Bluetooth
  • Compatible with any Bluetooth-capable phone
  • 16GB storage (12 GB available)
  • 1.2Ghz Dual Core processor
  • 1GB RAM
  • 3 axis gyroscope
  • 3 axis accelerometer
  • 3 axis Magnetometer (compass)
  • Ambient Light sensing and Proximity sensor



Apps for Glass are being developed by developers. Glass also uses many Google applications, such as Google Now, Google Maps, Google+, and Gmail. Social networks such as Twitter, Facebook can also be used on Google Glass. Many developers and companies have built applications for Glass, including news apps, facial recognition, photo manipulation, and sharing to social networks, such as Facebook and Twitter.

Google recently announced the release of more new apps for Glass, including reminders from Evernote, fashion news from Elle, and news alerts from CNN.

How to Use Google Glass

Here are few videos to demonstrate Google Glass in action.

Google Glass is controlled using “voice actions” or touchpad. To activate Glass, tilt your head upward or say “O.K., Glass.” Once Glass is activated, you can say an action, such as “Take a picture“, “Record a video“, “Hangout with [person/Google+ circle]“, “Google ‘Need for Speed on TechMynd“, “Directions to the Eiffel Tower“, and “Send a message to Hiroshi“.

Although there are similar technologies available, like eyeTap, Golden-i and many more but Google Glass seems to be sophisticated and futuristic.

How to Get Google Glass

Want to be a Glass Explorer? Sign up here to get notification about the Google glass availability and news. For now, they have closed the distribution. There will be more chances to get Glass at a later date.

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