Google Adsense Policies You Might Have Missed

by on February 18th, 2011

Google AdSense is the best way out there to monetize your blog. We have been posting adsense tips. This is not a tip but its an alert for all webmasters who are using AdSense because we think that they might had been missing some very important points that Google AdSense highlights in its program policies. There are many adsense alternative but its the best many webmasters rely on when they start. One thing is really important to share here that you can make money with adsense only if you have got great content at your blog that attracts a lot of users who gain something useful from your website. There is no such thing as instant adsense cash or easy adsense cash. You will encounter many websites claiming that they can help you with the AdSense but that is false. By thinking more about monetizing your site using AdSense you will only land in adsense blacklist and make sure they have really strict rules. So, lets come to the point and let me point out few very important things that you should care about while using AdSense at your website.

You might have read Google AdSense Program Policies. But have you read those deeply? Let me tell you very specific very important precautions you should also follow.

Google Adsense Optimization

Google Adsense Optimization is what you will try to do after you get the Google Adsense code so that ads find the best suitable place at your website. You will also customize the colors of ads to blend in your website. While its okay but be careful about where you place the ads.

  • Do not place ads right below and very near to headings of website.
  • Do not place ads in a manner that user might take these as your website’s links.
  • Ads and site headings/links should be distinguished easily.
  • If you place ads under headings or site links, make sure there is sufficient space between them and label ads correctly.

Read encouraging users to click on ads or bringing excessive attention to ad units.

Labeling Ads

Label ads so that users may easily distinguish site content and ads. Place text sponsored links or advertisements before ads. Yes! Only these two texts are recommended by Google. Whether these are Google Adsense Ads or Ads from other networks, label them either by using advertisements or sponsored links and nothing else.

Using Other Ads Networks with Adsense

You can use variety of other ads networks at the same website which is using Google Adsense but make sure that their ads have different layout and colors from Google Adsense and label those ads too as I mentioned above.

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What to Tell Users of your Site

  • Tell them that you are using advertising at website.
  • Tell them that about Adsense and DoubleClick DART cookie.
  • Tell them about cookie and information advertisement networks gather from site visitors.
  • Tell them about how they can opt out of the use of the DART cookie.
  • Tell them about other advertising networks you are using. Yes! Mention all advertising ads networks at your ads privacy and policy page and link them to their respective site.
  • Notify your site visitors of the third-party vendors and ad networks serving ads on your site.
  • Provide links to the appropriate vendor and ad network websites.
  • Inform your users that they may visit those websites to opt out of cookies (if the vendor or ad network offers this capability).

Read Google Advertising Cookie and Privacy Policies

Google Custom Search Policy

You can not modify the Google custom search code in any way. Just take it and place it with watermarks and Google logo which came with it. Many webmasters modify the custom search code to adjust search box color scheme according to their website color scheme but that is not allowed.

Policies and terms get updated and you might not know what has been changed. So how can you remain updated from their policy updates? One way is to keep yourself updated by reading adsense blog at regular basis.

Another point I may mention here is to have a prominent link of ‘Privacy and Ads Policy’ page of your website ready with updated information that your users might need according to advertising networks you use.