GMail Spam Protection Policy and Account Protection Using Your Phone

by on July 4th, 2010

reset gmail password using your phoneHow many email accounts can you create using GMail? GMail allows only three email account per mobile. Yep they ask your mobile phone number to send you verification code. After you verify you can create a Gmail email account. They allow three email accounts per mobile number. This is a good step in stopping spammers from creating unlimited email accounts with GMail. You can even get back your GMail lost account using your mobile. You will have to configure the service for that though.

You can reset password for your gmail account by following three ways.

  • Alternative Email
  • Security Question
  • by SMS

Alternative email and security question methods are good but GMail has introduced a method to retrieve password using your mobile phone. Its more secure, quick, painless and if there is some person to steal your GMail account, you will be safe because he will end up is sending you SMS before he even knows what he did. So its safe and quick.

GMail has taken a step in your account protection via saving your mobile number. In case you lost your password or your account has been compromised, you can still get it by verifying your mobile number by following method.

You will have to enable this service in your Google Account.

Sign in using your Google Account.
Go to Google Accounts
In ‘Personal Settings’ > ‘Security’ click ‘Change password recovery options’ link
In SMS section which says ‘Receive a text message with a password-reset code on your mobile phone’, give your mobile number.

Visit password recovery page to reset password and give your username. Google will send recovery code via SMS at your mobile phone.

Verify using recovery code and reset password. This is cool, secure and fast way to recover password of Gmail.