Gmail and Flickr Got Updated

by on August 13th, 2010

new flickr

Technology would be dead if it remains the same over time. With time we are facing new challenges. Requirements are changing. Things would and should not be the same after 5 years, as these are now. Everything is evolving. Okay! I just saw Flickr and Gmail updates and sharing these with you.

Gmail New Features

gmail new features

Google introduces Buzz in Gmail previously. Buzz could not be much popular and addictive as Twitter and other services because Twitter is a separate service and Buzz is like embedded into other Google stuff. Buzz is simply not addictive which teaches us that If you can’t make it addictive then don’t create it. Although Eric E. Schmidt would have entirely different opinion about Twitter. He would call Twitter a limited service (with limited and less features) because Twitter is not email system and its not even a photo sharing system etc.

There are three new tabs at the left side of the Gmail.

Mail: Contains all the mail stuff.
Contacts: Your contacts list.
Tasks: Reminders, quick tasks. Opens a popup windows at right bottom to add new tasks or reminders.

Compose mail just converted into a button instead of text link.

Flickr New Features

By going at Flickr you will encounter a quick tour bar at the top which will introduce you some cool new additions in Flickr features.

Flickr page is bigger and faster and displays more accessibility then before. Zoom photos in Flickr is a great new feature which opens another window with enlarged preview of image. All available sizes of photo page is centered and present improved look. Browse and view photos with more flexibility. Share photos to number of social networks. Improved Flickr will show you maximum possible information available for teh photo taken. Flickr is more social and less private now. Like FaceBook, some users can face problems with Flickr privacy. Flickr will tell you the device which took the photo and the place where it was taken.

Things are changing…