Global Outbreak Arcade Game for Smart Phone

by on January 28th, 2014

Global Outbreak is an arcade/action game that hs a unique storyline. This is a fun and free game for all android users. The players act as the savior of mankind. A killer virus is the enemy and the player has to stop it in order to save the world.

The top down 3D shooter feature is amazing. The player has to build a strategic plan in order to accomplish the mission. Global outbreak includes 3D tactical view of globe to plan your strategy. The player builds his army of soldiers in epic missions throughout the world. The enemy is a lethal virus which turns people into zombies. The player is assigned to act quickly before the bombs drop.

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This game includes great features, it is totally global and if you turn on your GPS the game will tailor around your location. The player is supposed to train people and level up their abilities. The player shifts from campaign to campaign with his army train it to be ultimate warriors to fight the infection.

Global outbreak includes different power weapons. It also provide with unique tools to increase your ability to fight. The most fun thing about this game is its control scheme. This game is absolutely fun and a must have for action game lovers.

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