Regarding GiveAways – Announcement

by on August 20th, 2010

TechMynd has decided to give away at least one valuable software per week to its users. We have already given away a number of software. We purchase licenses and give free to our users. All guests, please read the following regarding the procedure and requirement of GiveAway contests.

Purpose of GiveAways

We are against pirated software and illegal use of software so we want to stop it. GiveAways stop piracy by making legal registered software available to users. We want to help users who visit us and become our guests. Everybody wants to treat their guests right. So being an online community we treat our guests by giving them a chance to get registered software for free. This helps us get more and more reviews and thoughts about software as when users use these software they tell us their experiences.

Procedure to Get GiveAways

Subscribe to TechMynd’s Newsletter and comment the respective post to enter into giveaway contest. Use Original email while commenting which you have used for subscription.

At Saturday or Sunday we collect all the comments from GiveAway post and extract guests from them. Then we draw / randomize these names and select lucky guests. Then we check whether these lucky guests are our subscribers or not. If yes, we announce those lucky guests as winners and send them software and registration information at their email.

Why Subscribe

We ask you to subscribe and choose to receive TechMynd’s updates because we want to remain in contact with you and send you more free offers like this, computer tips and other valuable free software and games. In case you want to reach us, you will find us always in your inbox and can communicate with us easily and reach us easily.

Request to Winners

After we select lucky winner(s), we use their email to inform them and send software and registration information. We request winners that after they get the info and software, please comment back at winning or GiveAway offer page or reply us back to tell us that they have got the software so that we be informed about the success of whole process involved.

Final Words

We aim to give lots and lots of AntiVirus, Internet Security Software Licenses which we have started already. Sometimes different companies contact us regarding their software and we post their software as a giveaways as well. Do tell us about your experience about that software after you use it.

You can request your favorite software / game to us. Use contact page to recommend us your choice. Soon we will setup a more appropriate way to arrange GiveAways requests and communication related to that and update this page.

Got any question? Comment here and we will reply.

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  1. Asim Khan says:

    techmynd is a very very useful website. i m useing it for many month.
    when i have a problem. i go there and solve my problem.
    thanks techmynd

  2. Hiroshi says:

    @:Neo:: You have got doubt? What doubt?

  3. :Neo: says:

    that clarified my doubt

  4. Ahamed says:

    I want kaspersky 2011 key.Thanks for announcing free giveaway .thanks a lot