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by on March 12th, 2008

Mobile feeds distribution for all. Your content, your device, anywhere. BUZmob is a great way to read RSS on your mobile devices. Fast, sleek and useful river of news RSS aggregator. Reach All Mobile Users, Anywhere, Anytime. BUZmob is a mobile feed publishing service for user, media and corporate content publishers. It mobile-enables your content without forcing you to change it, and puts you in control of mobile feed distribution. BUZmob emphasizes ease of use and universal access. It taps the vast majority of mobile users, on any device or network. Mobile visitors to your site can read posts, submit comments and forms, view images and access videos (soon), irrespective of device type, mobile carrier, location or language.

Research shows that many mobile users express an interest in accessing web-based content on their mobile device, once it is pointed out to them that there is an easy way to do so.  This is what makes BUZmob a unique approach to mobile feed distribution.

Mobile users are not required to download any software to their phone.  Moreover, they are not required to subscribe to a service or even to type URLs in their phone’s mobile browser.  A combination of automatic bookmark generation and text messaging ensures that access to content is immediate and pain-free. Once end-users access a content feed, they can visit any off-feed links, which are adapted in real time to their specific mobile device.

By bringing together content publishers, who facilitate and drive content discovery, and universal access, BUZmob brings mobile Internet content to all mobile users, and bridges the chasm between early and mass market adoption.

Feature Highlights

Content publishers:

  • Uses existing RSS/Atom content and regular web-based content.
  • Simple integration – one line of HTML code.
  • Mobilizes web content, images, forms.
  • (optional) mobile optimization HTML tags for improved performance.
  • Mobile analytics and statistics (soon).
  • Mobile marketing and promotion tools (soon).
  • Content monetization services (soon).
  • The BUZmob directory, for promoting your website.
  • Create and manage branded mobile feed portals in minutes (soon).

Mobile users:

  • No download required.
  • No service subscription required.
  • Works on any data-enabled mobile phone.
  • Works with any mobile carrier.
  • Works in any language.
  • Real-time optimization of feeds and web pages.
  • Automatic bookmarks management – no need to type URLs
  • Automatic content adaptation reduces bandwidth consumption and data costs.

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