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by on April 25th, 2009

Alliyaan wrote about Appsolutely Free Webhosting by Dreamhost previously. You can have free web hosting account for many open source one click installable software e.g. blog, wiki, forum etc. Now here is another absolutely free offer for complete fully loaded full featured unlimited web hosting account (first two years free) by DreamHost. The amazing thing is you get full web hosting without spending anything. No credit card or money required. Its like give a promotional code, Have your registration name (domain name) and hosting account free for first two years.

Okay now how can you get it? You need a promotion code. If you have used Geocities for atleast 2 years, then you are eligible to get this offer. Geocities is shutting down. Yahoo will no longer serve free web hosting.


All you have to do is verify you are an existing GeoCities customer by creating a page on your GeoCities account (or editing an existing page) to have the phrase “I’m off to DreamHost!” on it!

Then when you signup, simply put the full url to that page as your “promotional code” and you’ll get a 2 year plan (normally $214.80) free!

For more information, read They are Internet History.

This offer is limited. Only for first 1000 users. And this is not for DreamHost users who have already Web Hosting Accounts.

Web Hosting with Domain Registration in $9.24


Visit DreamHost. This is also limited offer. Save over $100 on one year of web hosting with unlimited disk space and bandwidth!
Sign up today for a one-year hosting plan using the promotional code “777” and you’ll get an entire year of web hosting (including a domain registration) for just $9.24! That’s 92% off Dreamhost’s normal pricing!

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